Khang Viet Joint Stock Company, established in 2006 - Is one of the reputable companies in Vietnam operating in the field of advertising as well as television production. We provide prestigious cultural, entertainment and advertising products and services that bring the highest value to our customers. Taking customer success as a criterion for the company's sustainable development..
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1 episode
The film is portrayed as a poem about the taste of forbidden fruit “Adam and Eve”, the intense desire to be loved in the hearts of the lost man. The frame of the mood of people in love, sweet color haunted. Camera Angles describe the face of love, naked but poetic, guilty of seducing , the desires of the dead man soul.
30 episodes
A story of the forest lovers. In the windy Central Highlands filled with red soil and vast forests, there is a family running a horse farm. They have faced a fierce battle against the bad in order to reserve the nature and wildlife.
35 episodes
The story revolves around Mr. Tan family and the sudden death of his grandson Hoai Phong. Loss of body in a terrible accident, leaving only wallet and cell phone. Hoai Phong also makes family members constantly obsessed with frequent calls at ... 0 hours.
30 episodes
The film is about a family with two sons. Life is peaceful, continuous events are coming to bring trouble. However, the film is not only for children but adults also see many things to ponder, drawing experience for themselves when married and as parents.
30 tập
Men build houses, women build homes ... forever saying every time people mention building their own home. However, not everyone has that full bliss.
SAO KIM program
The Venus program is a reality television show that helps women realize their dreams.
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